Open Kyu-Kata-Tournament


Dieter Born and Franz - Karl Patzner Memorial Cups 2021


Event organiser:                 Nordrhein Westfälisches Dan Kollegium e.V.

Event host:                            SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.


Postfach 7532

53075 Bonn

Tel .: 02227/908927

e-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


Date:                                      Sunday, March 21, 2021


Place/Dojo:                          Gymnasium of the Collegium Josephinum Bonn

Kölnstr. 413

53117 Bonn


Sport Director:                   NWDK - Lehrbeauftragter


Judges:                                                 will be invited by the organizer in consultation with the NWDK - Lehrbeauftragter

(3 judges per mat)


Registration:                       Through a club/organisation exclusively to the host: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Including following information:

Name, first name, date of birth, email address, club/organisation,

and also specifying if participating as Tori or Uke and the Kyu-degree.


Deadline:                              14rd March 2021

The host might close the sign-up list early, if the maximum number of participants is reached prior the deadline.


Entry fee:                              15 € per pair, payable until 14rd March 2021, to the following account:

SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.

IBAN: DE43 3306 0592 0005 1507 27


Bank: Sparda Bank West

Intended use: Kyu - Kata 2021 Entry fee, name, club/organisation, country

Bank slip must be presented at the registration desk on the day of the tournament!


Competitions:                      Kata competitions are held for the 8th - 1st Kyu / under 18

Competition will be held in two groups with pools of four. The graduation of Tori will be decisive factor for the sequencing.

1st group: 8.Kyu, 7.Kyu, 6.Kyu and 5.Kyu

2nd group: 4.Kyu, 3.Kyu, 2.Kyu and 1.Kyu / U18 *

Kata Ceremonial according Nage-no-Kata (approximation depending on the level of Kyu degree)

From the 8.Kyu to the 5.Kyu, three techniques are to be demonstrated on the right and left side, respectively, in a predefined sequence. One technique from each of the following the groups: Te-waza - Koshi-waza - Ashi-waza

4. Kyu demonstration of the Koshi-waza group from the Nage-no-Kata (to both sides)

3. Kyu demonstration of the Ashi-waza group from the Nage-no-Kata   (to both sides)

2. Kyu demonstration of the Te-waza group from the Nage-no-Kata      (to both sides)

1. Kyu / U18 * demonstration of the first three groups from the                                                          

                              Nage-no-Kata, Te-waza, Koshi-waza and Ashi-waza (to both sides)



Competition area:                The Kata tournament will be held on three competition areas. Each competition area has the size of 6x6 meters and will consist of tatami or similar material.

Two strips of adhesive and clearly visible tape (about 10x50 cm) will mark the starting positions of Tori and Uke (6 meters apart). The center of the competition area will also be marked with a strip of adhesive tape of the same size and type.


Competition mode:                 Timetable:

1st group: 8. - 5. Kyu (9.00 am)

2nd group: 4th - 1st Kyu / U18 (1:00 pm)

Each participant is only allowed to start once as Tori.

Exception: under 18 years group will have the right to start twice.

There will be three rounds, each of them will be assessed by different judging commission. The total score will determine the final placement within each group.


Start entitlement:                 All persons whose association is affiliated to the IJF / EJU.

DJB starters must belong to a club/organsiation that is a member of a national association of the DJB and has a valid DJB membership card (Judo Pass).

Under 18: Birth-year 2004 and younger, minimum graduation 3. Kyu. Even "older" can participate in the competition. Either as "out of competition" or if there are enough participants in an additional pool, which will be getting certificates and medals.


Honorary prizes:                All participants will receive certificates. Medals will be given to the top three pairs per kata.

Dieter Born - Memory Cup:

The best pair in the group of 8. – 5.Kyu will receive the Dieter Born memory cup.


Franz - Karl Patzner - Memory Cup:

The best pair in the group of the 4. – 1.Kyu / under 18 will receive the Franz - Karl Patzner - Memory Cup.


Participants / inside:               The tournament is an open tournament, no qualification/nomination through a national association is needed.

If the number of sign-ups for the tournament is too large, the event host reserves the right of bringing the deadline for entries forward and closing the list of participants early!

The valid DJB membership card (Judo Pass) with the latest DJB Jahressichtmarke (annual stamp) must be presented at registration desk.

By registering for the event, the participants agree to the electronic storage of their competition relevant data and their publication in notices, on the Internet and in other publications of the DJB as well as its subdivisions. The same applies to picture documentation.

Timetable (provisional):

8:00 AM Dojo opening

8:45 AM opening

9:00 AM Start of the competition for the participants with 8. - 5. Kyu

approx. 11:30 AM award ceremony (possibly earlier, depending on number of participants)

12:00 Start of the competition for the participants with 4. - 2.Kyu and        1.Kyu / under 18

approx. 4 PM award ceremony (possibly earlier, depending on number of participants)


General information:      


Snack / Cafeteria:                 located inside the competition venue


Liability:                               The event organizer and the event host are not responsible for any liability. The participants have to take care of accident and liability insurance themselves.


Getting there: see attachment


We wish all the participants and judges a good and save journey and are looking forward to a fair and smooth tournament.


           NWDK                                                                                                     SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.

Jose` Pereira Rodriguez                                                                                                    Roman Jäger

    Lehrbeauftragter                                                                                                    1. Chairman