with video evaluation from the Open Kata-Competition on the day prior (27th November 2021)

Event organiser:                 Nordrhein Westfälisches Dan Kollegium e.V.

Event host:                        SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.


Postfach 7532

53075 Bonn

Tel .: 02227/908927

e-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



Date:                                    Sunday, 28th November 2021, 09:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Place/Dojo:                  Gymnasium of the Collegium Josephinum Bonn

Kölnstr. 413

53117 Bonn

Aim/Goals:                         Immediate feedback from the competition held on the 27th November 2021 to eliminate mistakes (including training) and improve performance of the competitors.

Judges/Instructor:                 Sebastian Frey, IJF-/EJU – Judge and DJB Kata – Instructor

Dr. Stefan Bernreuther, IJF-/EJU – Judge/member of the EJU and DJB Kata -                 


Karl – Heinz Bartsch, IJF-/EJU – Judge / member of the DJB Kata - committee         

Dr. Magnus Jezussek, IJF-/EJU – Judge / member of the DJB Kata committee       

Jose` Pereira – Rodriguez, EJU – Judge, DJB Bundes- und Landes-Kata-Judge

Roman Jäger,                       DJB Bundes-und Landes-Kata-Judge

Participants:                 All interested competitors from the Open Kata-Competition held on the 27th November 2021. The number of participating pairs is limited. Participation is decided by the chronological order of registrations and the timely payment of the participation fee.

Entry fee:                     30€ per pair, payable until 21rd November 2021, to the following account:

SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.

IBAN: DE43 3306 0592 0005 1507 27


Bank: Sparda Bank West

Intended use: Course 2021, Entry fee, name, club/organization, Kata

Bank slip must be presented at the registration desk on the day of the tournament!

Registration:                     Through a club/organization exclusively to the host: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Including following information:

Name, first name, Kata

Due to time constrains it will be only possible to evaluate one Kata per pair!

Deadline:                           21rd November 2021

The host might close the sign-up list early, if the maximum number of participants is reached prior the deadline.

Operation Mode:            The judges of the tournament analyse the kata using the evaluation sheets and the video recordings from the previous day as aid.

The pairs taking part in the course will be corrected individually (major mistakes will be taken care of first and if time permits as many small mistakes as possible).

During the subsequent practice phase of the pairs, the analysis of the next pair (etc.) will take place.

This phase is divided into two training units each 1.30 hours with a break in between (see schedule).

Each judge/instructor is responsible for a kata, which he has evaluated the day before. This limits the number of participants per judge/instructor to a maximum of five (5) pairs.

Timetable (provisional): 9:00 AM Dojo opening

9:30 – 11:00 AM 1st session

11:00 – 11:30 AM Break

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM 2nd session

approx. 1:00 PM Debriefing

General information:                www.sc-arashi.de

Snack / Cafeteria:                 located inside the competition venue

Liability:                              The event organizer and the event host are not responsible for any liability. The participants have to take care of accident and liability insurance themselves.

Getting there:             see attachment

           NWDK                                                                                                     SC - Arashi CoJoBo e.V.

Jose` Pereira Rodriguez                                                                                                  Roman Jäger

      Lehrbeauftragter                                                                                                   1. Chairman